RPA is a non-profit dedicated to ensuring high standards of restorative justice. While the seminars we run help us to recoup the costs of running, much of what we can do depends on your generosity. Your donations will be put towards developing research-based solutions to the current issues in restorative justice.

Corporate Sponsorship

RPA has a long history of partnering with other organisations to deliver on larger projects. In the past we have partnered with Restorative Practices International (RPI) and Restoration Institute to run large scale restorative justice conferences. We have partnered with the Todd Foundation in the past to develop and deliver our Child Centred Restorative Practice workshops which have been very successful in preparing restorative justice facilitators for engaging with children in conferences.

We are currently seeking corporate partners for our Cultural Engagement training workshops which will train facilitators on how to effectively engage with people from a wide variety of diverse cultures. To register interest, click the button below or Contact Us today.