Our mission is to foster, promote and support high quality restorative practices and services that are relevant and meaningful across diverse cultures and have the potential to enhance the lives of individuals and communities.

Our Values

RPA operates within a set of core restorative practice values. Here at RPA, in everything we do, we value:

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Developing Restorative Practices

Restorative Practices Aotearoa provides support and special training to restorative justice providers all across New Zealand at numerous conferences and workshops throughout the year. Founded in 2005, RPA began as a national body for restorative justice providers, working with them and the Ministry of Justice to provide high-quality restorative justice to New Zealanders. For those with an interest in reading the complete history in greater detail than outlined briefly above, they can download this pdf document (23.41 MB) .

Today RPA continues to work closely with the Ministry and providers. Alongside this, RPA has diversified its role in the promotion of restorative practices in a broader range of areas. With the help of various external and grant providers, RPA has begun to provide Child Engagement training for use in education and restorative justice. This is the first step in a larger scheme of introducing restorative practices into education, healthcare, the environment, and the workplace.


Alongside its work on training and conferences, RPA is also responsible for advocating on behalf of providers to the Ministry and for supporting providers in delivering effective restorative justice. We also conduct research to inform the areas that we advocate on, such as; how restorative practices can be included in addressing housing inequality, a facilitator pay survey, and understanding the trends in restorative justice conferences to name a few. Restorative practices Aotearoa is also looking into making submissions on relevant issues that come up in parliamentary committees.

Strategic Plan

Download a PDF of our Strategic Plan

RJ Strat Plan