‘Restorative practices' is an overarching term. It is an approach that embodies restorative principles and is relevant to a number of sectors. For example, restorative work occurs in the education sector to ensure that schools are positive learning environments. Further, restorative principles are being applied in the employment sector as a means of achieving people-focused workplaces. Restorative work not only deals with conflict when it arises, but also focuses on the establishment of strong relationships within teams. The values and principles underpinning this work ensures that people have a greater sense of connection with those around them, better equipping them to deal with conflict, should it arise. 

The core set of values are available here 

  • Korero Tahi | Participation
  • Whakaute | Respect 
  • Ngākaupono | Honesty 
  • Māhaki | Humility 
  • Hononga | Interconnectedness 
  • Noho Haepapa | Accountability
  • Whakamana | Empowerment 
  • Tumanako | Hope