RPA is a non-profit dedicated to ensuring high standards of restorative justice.

Become an RPA Member

RPA is a non-profit dedicated to ensuring high standards of restorative justice. At RPA we are dedicated to providing strong support and advocacy for all our members, building strong relationships with both members and provider groups to ensure that all voices are being heard, concerns are being addressed, and pathways forward are being forged collectively. Both individuals and Restorative Justice provider groups can become members of RPA. Our members come from all across Aotearoa New Zealand and are not just Restorative Practice facilitators or practitioners. We engage with a wide array of members who share a mutual interest in respect, relationships, community, and honesty.

Benefits of RPA membership;

    • You will receive discounted tickets to all our training programmes, such as our widely successful Child Engagement Training, our Cultural Engagement Training, or our professional development training. 

    • We will actively represent members interests to key decision-makers, such as the Ministry of Justice. We ensure that policy and decisions are being designed in alignment with those who have experience, and will feel the effects of these decisions.

    • We will proactively represent issues concerning Restorative Practices to the media on behalf of provider groups and members.

    • We provide a complaints process for complaints about individuals, groups, and procedures. We will allow complaints to be brought forth in a safe and supportive way that is built upon restorative principles and beliefs.

    • We provide an opportunity to meet and engage with other members, allowing our members to discuss and engage with other like-minded individuals.

    • We will organise and facilitate regular Annual General Meetings and conferences which will be open to attendance from all members.

By becoming a member of RPA you will be joining a strong, connected community that is dedicated to fostering and creating empowering relationships. At RPA we are dedicated to promoting and supporting high-quality Restorative Practices that are relevant and meaningful across diverse cultures. We would not be able to achieve this without the support and input of our diverse range of members.