What does restorative practice mean for your business? Relationships and how we interact with staff, customers, clients, and stakeholders will influence the success or otherwise of our businesses. Relationships need to be more than just transactional.   

How can this work?

A restorative approach in the workplace is no different from restorative conversations in schools or restorative conferencing in the justice system. The ability for people to engage in conversations that are respectful and safe for all participants is essential towards creating a workplace environment that encourages honest conversation. For staff, customers, clients, and stakeholders having the opportunity to engage with companies in a manner that is relational and not simply transactional fosters well-being and a sense of value for all.

Hard conversations do not need to be hard, tough decisions can be made in a manner that is empathetic and understanding of others' positions. It is the approach taken before you have these conversations and the manner in which you engage that will have a major impact on the acceptance and outcomes. Accountability and accepting responsibility are key elements when engaging in restorative conversations, these are skills that most people have, we can help you discover and utilise these skills. When used throughout organisations the effectiveness of the conversations can often result in improved performance and increased productivity. 

Where can I find out more?

Contact RPA for a list of Restorative Practice providers in your area, these specialists will work with you to encourage all members of your organisations to move from a transactional relationship level to relationships that are built on understanding, trust, and empathy toward others.

We can provide specific training for your organisation, this includes group sessions, one on one training, seminars, or workshops