Restorative Practices Aotearoa have a rich history in presenting training modules and sessions designed to support and enhance facilitator practice. We will continue these sessions and professional development, however our time frames will be dependent on travel restrictions, cost of travel, and participants ability and willingness to travel during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.    

Conferencing will be affected by the recent Covid-19 pandemic and it is unlikely RPA will hosting any conferences in the foreseeable future.


Child-Centred Restorative Practice

The need for CCRP:

The voice of a child is valuable and should be included in conferences. Including tamariki effectively in Restorative Justice conferences requires skill and knowledge.

Our CCRP programme:

In April 2018 RPA published best practice guidelines for facilitators working with children as victims, offenders, or third parties in the restorative justice process. These guidelines form the basis of the CCRP training. At CCRP seminars facilitators work through the material in the guidelines and how to translate that content into day-to-day practice. These seminars are delivered in conjunction with Joining the Dots.

RPA has run five CCRP seminars to date. The pilot took place in Wellington from the 28th and 29th of June 2018. The second seminar took place in Auckland on the 14th and 15th November 2018. A third seminar was hosted in Christchurch on the 27th and 28th of June 2019. The most recent took place in Auckland last year on the 15th-16th October 2020 and 19th-20th November 2020. Upcoming training is planned for November this year


“Thank you for your thoughtful delivery. I appreciated the utilisation of the group’s skills and knowledge to inform and augment teaching points.”
- Participant, Auckland

“Overall the topic and its presentation was done very well. Definitely lots to take away and reflect on. Certainly leaving with what I wanted to achieve.”
- Participant, Auckland

“The two days have stimulated lots of thinking and points to ponder.”
- Participant, Christchurch

“Thank you so much - I can see so much preparation went into the training.”
- Participant, Christchurch

CCRP partners:

RPA partnered with the Todd Foundation to develop and deliver the first three CCRP seminars.

Professional Development Seminars:

RPA’s professional development seminars provide expert training to facilitators and practitioners to strengthen their practice and the restorative justice sector as a whole.

These seminars also provide opportunities to network and enhance their practice with the shared ideas and experiences of their peers. 

Recent Seminars:

Maramataka Training March 2021

This training provided facilitators with an understanding of the Maramataka (Māori Lunar calendar) and how we can live between both it and the gregorian (standard) calendars in our day to day lives

Train the Trainers 2020

This was run in September 2020 with the goal being to provide extra training to experienced facilitators that they can teach to upcoming and recent graduates of the Resolution Institute training courses.

Tauranga 2019

2019’s February seminar covered topics such as difficult conversations, cybersecurity, working with the courts, active listening, conferencing, and engagement with tikanga.

Dunedin 2019 

The Dunedin seminar included training on family harm, systemic bias, bicultural practice, and cultural engagement.